This photo has nothing to do with my post. But having a photo in the post makes it look better when I post it to Facebook – and in any case, isn’t this gorgeous? I miss Colorado.

Welcome to my new blog.

I don’t actually feel like I should have a new blog. After all, it was only a year and a half ago that I rebooted Czechbackhere as Goes Well With Wine. But honesty? I liked a lot of the posts on Goes Well with Wine, but I didn’t like the blog overall. The name was clunky. It was confusing. Blogger is not user-friendly. And I never quite developed the traffic I wanted to. It’s hard to keep up with blogging when you see only about eleven people read your posts regularly, and you know one of them is your grandmother. (Thanks, Grandma!)

But that doesn’t mean I want to stop blogging. I find that blogs are a great way to take ideas out for a trial run, putting them put even when they’re only half-formed, mere impressions instead of solid and weighty things. And I’ve liked the WordPress format, ever since I started blogging regularly on Christ & University. 

So here’s my new blog. My hope is to post several times a month, though I make no promises; a teacher’s work is never quite done! I want to talk about good books that I’m reading and good food that I’m eating; I want to ask questions and maybe even answer them, a little; I hope to keep the posts shorter and more down-to-earth than I have in the past, though I make no promises there, either. Big ideas are just so much fun!

I’m turning over a post on this passion for pursuing your passion right now and hope to post something in the next few days. But right now, the coffee shop where I’m sitting is about to close, and I have miles to go before I sleep.

So in the meantime, stay tuned! Follow the blog if you can (I’m working on adding a “Follow” button in the near future.) I’ll see you soon.


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