Last year, for the first time in my adult life, I set a series of resolutions. You can read the whole list over here, at my old blog.

My hope was that they would provide structure for my life, keep me from perpetually vegging in front of the Internet and focused on a goal, even if it was somewhat frivolous.

My plan worked, kind of.

I didn’t accomplish every goal.

I vegged in front of the Internet, especially towards the end of the year when the days got cold and dark and I got tired.

But I did accomplish some goals.

Here are some things I accomplished this year:

I read 40 books.

I watched The Lion King. (And I didn’t turn into a New Agey spiritualist!)

I knit a hat. I knit a tiny Christmas ornament: a little evergreen tree (sweaters are beyond me.)

I ran another half-marathon (Actually, I ran two).

I read Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God.

I ate at Magoo’s Pizza in Dubuque and Otto’s Place in Galena. I recommend both very highly.

I climbed a 7th 14er: Mt. Sherman.

But there was a lot I didn’t do, either:

I never finished Lost. I never watched The Shawshank Redemption. 

I never made challah or babka.

I never re-read Dante.

I tried to read the whole Bible, but I couldn’t make it out of Deuteronomy. (I skipped ahead and read John and Romans, two of my favourite books.)

Looking back, I see several reasons why I didn’t accomplish my goals.

Partly I was lazy. I didn’t want to upend my weekend schedule to bake bread. I didn’t want to put down the PD James novel long enough to pick up Dante’s poem. Yet sloth is perhaps my besetting sin; I dislike upending my routine, getting out of my comfort zone. And so I keep setting goals, to encourage myself to do just that.

But some goals I didn’t accomplish because I developed different goals. I may not have watched The Shawshank Redemption, but I did make it a point to watch more than just reruns of Castle; among other movies, I saw V for Vendetta, Shakespeare in Love, and Ex Machina. I may not have managed challah and babka, but I made an excellent chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. Switching goals like this is okay (I tell myself) because at least I’m accomplishing something, and something I enjoy. And so while I will keep setting goals, I won’t fret too much if I miss some of them.

Sometime within the next week or so I’ll set a post or a page (haven’t decided which yet) with my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016: goals I set because I believe that working towards them will enrich my life and reinforce its purpose. I believe that working towards them will keep me from frittering too much time away on the Net. Will I accomplish all of them? Nope, but at least I will try.



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