Teaser Tuesday: The Mysterious Benedict Society

510cd0w1aULIt’s time for Teaser Tuesday!

This week I’m in the middle of The Mysterious Benedict Society, a YA (or at least middle-school) book that I’m thoroughly enjoying because it avoids the stereotype of the angsty teenager who saves the world through mad battle skills, ala Katniss Everdeen.

The Mysterious Benedict Society doesn’t do that, thankfully. It has four characters, all around eleven years old, and while I expect that they will indeed save the world, none are particularly angsty, nor do they have mad battle skills. They’re fairly ordinary, they’re friends, and I’d enjoy befriending them in real life. Its plot is interesting and fairly creative, and it reads easily.

Here’s a short selection, right when the plot really starts picking up:

The unseen child – it sounded like a girl about Kate’s age – spoke in a plodding, whispering monotone, her voice half-drowned in static. At first only a few random words were clear enough to be understood: “Market . . . to free to be . . . obfuscate . . . ” Number Two typed more commands into the computer; the interference lessened considerably, and the child’s words came clearly now, slipping through the faint static in a slow drone:

“The missing aren’t missing, they’re only departed. 

All minds keep all thoughts – so like gold – closely guarded . . . . “

Again the words were overcome by static.

Here’s the Goodreads blurb.

Nota bene: When I first wrote out this post, I accidentally typed the title as The Mysterious Benedict *Option*. Whoops!

Wondering what Teaser Tuesday is? It’s a fun, weekly post in which I open whatever book I’m reading to a (somewhat) random page and share a few sentences from it. I originally heard of Teaser Tuesday through the blog Running in My Head, though it seems to have originated from the Books & a Beat Blog. Feel free to chime in via your own blog with whatever you’re currently reading.


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