Liturgy for the End of the Semester

After posting final grades, I leave the

Office for the local big-box bookstore.

There, I lose myself in the sanctuary of

Its wide aisles and white fluorescent lights.

I linger in the cooking aisle, its

Tall shelves stocked with books on beer, burgers, and

Bread. I thumb through a guide to Persian food,

Gorgeous glossy photos of food I will never make –

Herbed frittata with fenugreek,

Saffron rice with sour cherries,

Pomegranate chicken –

Then seek at last the comfort of comic

Books, with their squat spines and their bold colours.

I read old Calvin and Hobbes for hours.


After dark, I go home to my dim flat,

To my supper of toast and tea. I put

All my books away, turn out the lights, and

Go to bed.



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