About Me

IMG_1991I am a writing and literature instructor at a small religious college in northeast Iowa. I teach courses in developmental English, English Composition and Introduction to Literature, as well as electives such as Science Fiction through the Lens of Theology and News Media Literacy. Essentially, it’s my job to teach freshmen that the world is more complicated than they imagined, and to help them think and write about it deeply, clearly, and truthfully.

When I’m not planning lessons or grading papers, I like to run, knit, bake, and read (usually investigative journalism or science fiction). Recent favourite books include A Fire Upon the Deep, a space opera by Vernor Vinge; and The Eyre Affair, an extraordinary and hilarious mystery set in alternative timeline of England where time travel (and much besides!) is possible. You can find me on Goodreads here.

On this blog you will find my periodical ramblings on social concerns, books, and the everyday business of being alive and adulting. I do not post on any particular schedule. Sometimes I’ll have three things to say in a week; sometimes it will take me three weeks to say one thing. Follow me via email or WordPress (you can find these options on the upper-right hand corner of each post) to receive updates.

I also blog occasionally at Christ & University.

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